About Agata


As a Certified Health Coach, I specialize in Prime Time and Families health, and my focus is on adults, seniors as well as families with children.

Health coaching sessions with me will give you the information not only what to do, but also how to do it to stay in good health, so you can enjoy yourself, your family members and your life in the future.

You may already have a goal set in your mind - better night sleep, weight loss, decrease the risk of chronic disease, reduce stress or simply living healthy and long life, I am there to help you develop strategy to achieve your goals. I will encourage you to stay motivated. If you do not know yet what your goal is, I will guide you to determine it. I will support you along the way and step by step you will get to the point when you can say – I succeeded!


Healthy aging

Prime Time health and well being

L.E.A.N (Lifestyle.Exercise.Attitude.Nutrition)

Healthy cooking / meal planning